«you’ll find much more in woods than in books.

Trees and rocks will teach you things that no kind of teacher will tell you»

(Bernardo di Chiaravalle)


The company

Coming from the long experience of design engineers in the electronics industry and a long time experienced group of Italian businessmen L3D Technology starts as a spin-off of a company group with relevant presence in the field of renewable energy production.

With the goal of offering an innovative product in the market of public and private lighting using the latest technologies of optical components (LEDs) and financial models of intervention suitable for both the Public Administrations for corporate customers, L3D Technology hands out as an ideal partner in the development of modern programs of energy emprovement.

Italian office - development and research :
Via Provinciale, 5 Matinella 84044 Albanella (SA)
Tel: (+39) 0828 984561
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Brasilian Office - L3D Brasil :
Av. Presidente Antonio Carlos 40 - Rio De Janeiro
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